Bays around Bodrum

Short Blue Cruise Routes


Do you want to stay more on the sea, have a relaxing natural breakfast, feel the breeze when you cruise more? Then you can experience just a short break during your stay on the yacht. 


Here are our popular short blue cruise routes that you can take during your visit to Bodrum or around:


  • Bodrum , Aspat, Turgutreis, Gumusluk, Yalıkavak (3 Nights Blue Cruise)
  • Yalıkavak, Turkbuku, Torba (2 Nights Blue Cruise)
  • Bodrum, Kissebuku, Orak Island, Cokertme, Bodrum (3 Nights Blue Cruise)
  • Bodrum, Kos, Leros, Kalymnos, Patmos or similar (2 islands, 3 Nights Blue Cruise)
  • Bodrum to D-maris Hotel by boat one way transfer or minimum 2 nights Blue Cruise to enjoy the way
  • Travel to Gocek and enjoy a few nights on the sea visiting around and experience the hype culture on a yacht. 

It took its name from the red rocks around it. You can have a good time with your fishing gear in this bay, which hosts many fish species.

Poyraz Aquarium Bay is a beautiful spot to experience the natural beauty of Bodrum's coastline.

Black Island (Kara Ada) is a small island located near Bodrum, Turkey. It's named for its dark, rocky terrain. Meteor Beach, also known as Meteor Bay or Meteor Hole (Meteor Çukuru), is named for a meteor that struck the area thousands of years ago, leaving behind a large crater that eventually filled with water.

Poyraz Bay Aquarium Bay in Bodrum

Kızıl Burun Bodrum

Bodrum Aquarium Bay Private Boat Trip, Yacht Trip Bodrum
Black island Meteor Beach Bodrum Private Boat Trip Tour
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Black island Bodrum and Meteor Beach

Bodrum Center Bays for Yacht Tours

Do you want to know more about our stops and private yacht tours in Bodrum and more?


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Aspat Bay, also known as Aspat Koyu in Turkish, is a scenic bay, is a popular anchorage spot for yachts and sailing boats. Camel Beach, or Deve Plajı in Turkish, is another renowned beach, also you may find camels sitting here on this sandy beach. You can stop here also on your private boat tour in Bodrum.

Aquarium Bay, also known as Adabogazi Bay, is a stunning coastal area located near Bodrum in Turkey. This bay is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, which offer excellent visibility for snorkeling and swimming.

Many boat tours departing from Bodrum include Orak Island as one of their stops, allowing visitors to experience its beauty and charm. Some private yacht tours may also offer opportunities for hiking, picnicking, or simply enjoying the stunning views from the boat.

 Aquarium Bay Bodrum / Adabogazi

Aspat Beach

Orak island Bodrum Private Boat Trip Yacht Trip
Bodrum Aquarium boat trip Private boat tour Bodrum
Bodrum day boat hire, Aspat Yacht Trip Bodrum, Yacht Rental Bodrum

Orak island

Torba - Turkbuku - Guvercinlik Bays

for Yacht Tours

Bodrum Paradise bay private yacht, Maxx Royal, Mandarin Oriental, Yacht Trip Bodrum

Paradise Bay Bodrum

Paradise Bay also known as Cennet Koyu is characterized by its picturesque sandy beach which offers a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Bodrum Paradise bay private yacht, Maxx Royal, Mandarin Oriental, Yacht Trip Bodrum

Twin Islands Torba-Guvercinlik

Torba and Güvercinlik are two beautiful coastal areas located near Bodrum, which are surrounded by luxurious hotels along the coast. We can provide private yacht rentals from these hotels or ports situated in Torba and Guvercinlik.  

Bodrum Paradise bay private yacht, Maxx Royal, Mandarin Oriental, Yacht Trip Bodrum

Turkbuku Bay

Turkbuku has a stylish structure, many gastronomic places and beach clubs that turn to vibrant nightlife atmosphere. Not very far from the coast, you can get to clearer waters to continue your party on the yacht. Likewise in Yalıkavak...

Yalıkavak Bays for Yacht Tours

Bodrum Yalikavak Turkbuku rent a yacht private boat

Hacı Melem

Yalıkavak daily yacht tours offer a memorable way to experience the beauty of the Turkish coast, with opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and exploration along the way. Please check the route for each yacht type.

NORTH TOUR YALIKAVAK ; Red Island, Rock Tombs, Aquarium Dark, Pasa Limani Bay, Hacimelem Bay

SOUTH TOUR YALIKAVAK ; Gumusluk (Myndos), Buyuk Kiremit Island, Kucuk Kiremit Island, Xuma Bay

Bodrum Yalikavak Turkbuku rent a yacht private boat

Xuma Beach

Kucuk Kiremit Island

Bodrum Yalikavak Turkbuku rent a yacht private boat
аренда яхт в мармарисе, Д-марис аренда яхты турция

Marmaris Bays for Yacht Tours

Our responsible from Marmaris region, makes sure that we have a smooth yacht operation in Marmaris. Have a look at these yacht routes for the yacht hire Marmaris. We make 3-4 stops according to the yacht option. Please check with us according to the rent yacht Marmaris.

Consult to us for any other location to rent a yacht in Marmaris!

MARMARIS CENTER ; Kumlubuk Bay, Cennet Island (Paradise),  Phosphorous Cave (Aquarium Bay), Green Sea

HISARONU - D-MARIS region ; Sıgliman, Camelia Island, Rabbit Island, Dislice Island

camelia island yacht hire marmaris dmaris
Phosphorous Cave marmaris yacht hire, Dmaris yacht rental, Yacht Trip D-maris

Phosphorous Cave

Camelia Island

Cennet Island (Paradise)

Short Blue Cruise Bodrum Turkey Sailing Yacht  Yacht Rental Bodrum